Thursday, August 9, 2012


GREAT PAINT! Today I was up on a build board and noticed that this paint is freaking awesome. It’s not as runny as other paint and isn’t as high pressure as most cans are. LA under ground is the only people that carry this name brand and has all the colors you can think of. Also, ALL CITY paint comes in ether gloss or matte to give you any look you’re looking for. The price for this amazing can is the cheapest when it comes to professional spray-paint, only costing $3.99 each.


THE BEST BURGER JOINT EVER!!!! I went to Griffs today to take my girlfriend for the first time, and damn every time I go it’s like my first time. The food is orgasmic and just simply amazing. The only bad thing about this place is there is only one in all of Albuquerque. In my book a Griffs burger can blow away IN and OUT burgers out of the water. So I would insist you come try it out next time you’re in the hood.

piggys burger joint

I must say Piggy’s was pretty darn good. Their cheese burger was really good and fries were freaking amazing. It’s located on central past Washington. The prices were very cheap for the mount of food they gave you. If I’m not mistaken it was $30 to feed me my girlfriend, my friend and his girlfriend, and my two little brothers. So i would give this place a 8.5 out of 10, just because they didn’t have no place to sit down and eat.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mr. Shadow

Best Chicano rapper alive, I can honestly say he is the Tupac of our time. His flow is untouchable his beats are fresh.  The fact that he can rap in Spanish and English just kills it. I met him a year ago and man he’s a dope guy, he’s not all big headed. He will sit with you and have a good conversation. And buy you a drink; his last album I must say just killed everyone. Not even Night owl or big lokote could ever come up to his level.


So I must say Mexico was so much fun. Last weekend I went too Juarez and partied the whole weekend with $500 and still had money to spend. The women are all beautiful, the bars all cheap, and the cherry on top was the food. Nothing better than tacos from a stand at 3 in the morning. We had mariachis play for us throughout the night and all you can drink beer, and tequila. Got to love Mexico man "Como Mexico no ay dos"

zacatecas tequila and taqueria

This place was horrible. The food was dry, the tacos had no flavor, and the beans were from a can. If you’re going to open a Mexican restaurant, please do it right. I don’t know if it was just a bad day for the cook or if that’s how they serve but man it sucked. Oh and the price was ridiculous $15 for 3 little tacos a spoon full of dry can beans and rice that’s harder that rocks. I would have known id go to a taco stand and bought real authentic Mexican tacos. The only thing that was good here was the overpriced shots of tequila.

montana cans

So I used Montana hardcore today and I must say this paint is amazing. No drips, no clogs, and low pressure. It does have a wide variety of colors, but since it’s such a popular can you better stock up, because these cans go fast. The only thing I didn’t like about this can is its harsh smell, and the big cloud of aerosol it leaves. But ether than that it’s a darn good can.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My most favorite pizza in the world is Pudge brother’s pizza, why because it’s not too greasy and not too saucy. I’ve had lots of pizza from around New Mexico but none have compared. The texture the taste, heck even the shoe lace cheese. Not only is that but the price on this amazing pizza relatively cheap. $21.45 gets you a monster 18" pizza with two toppings an order of hot wings, an order of cheesy bread, and a 2 liter Pepsi. So if you haven’t eaten Pudge Bros. Pizza you haven’t had pizza.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today I’m comparing tequilas! First were comparing Patron to Don Julio. Patron is a hard hitting blue agave made tequila with only a 35% alcohol. Don Julio on the other hand is smoother tequila, made from agave reposada, which gives it a higher alcohol concentration of 45% so if you like taking hard shots without the chaser my advice would be drinking Don Julio 100 anos.